Below you will find a list of links you may want to explore while you are waiting to bring your puppy home.

One of the best books/classes I recommend is Pupford by Zak George.  You can sign up for a free 30 day training class, download an app for your phone and read over countless free articles and his e-book.  Some of the content is free and some is through a subscription.  Below is a link to free his e-book: 

30 Day Perfect Pup By Zak George

Ian Dunbar has a couple of good books that you can read online for free.  Those will help you in preparation for your new puppy:

Before You Get Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar

After you get your puppy by Ian Dunbar

Tips to help you with training your puppy:

Master Puppy Training in Record Time by Laura Bussing

How to house train your dog:

How To House Train your Dog in 7 Days

How to set up an area for your puppy:

Puppy setup idea

What to do once your dog is home:

Bringing home your new puppy

Basic manners to teach your dog…yes, they need them too!

Basic Manners For The Family Dog

How to prevent and help with separation anxiety:

Separation Anxiety

Below is an example of a schedule one of my puppy parents made for their little one.  Puppies are quicker to train and adapt much better when a schedule is in place!

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