About Us

We are located in the coastal town of Wilmington, North Carolina. Together with my husband and three children we have been avid dog lovers for over 25 years.  Having a child with allergies, we needed pets that would be low to non-shedding and therefore more hypoallergenic.  That led us to the designer breeds.  Little did we know, how much these poodle hybrids would completely captivate our hearts.  We fell in love with them so much, we decided to become hobby breeders and extend our passion and knowledge with others.

All of our dogs live with us in our home as part of our family.  We devote lots of time and attention to them and enjoy training our dogs to do tricks!  Our yard is fenced in so they also enjoy some outside time with us as well.  They spend time with us walking, swimming and going to Starbucks for Puppucinos!  Rest assured that when you take home your little one, they have been pre-loved by each and every one of our family members.  They are also accustomed to the familiar sights and sounds of every day home life. 

The Owner

Having grown up on a farm as a child gave me a unique love and appreciation for animals. I've had the opportunity to not only raise dogs but other animals as well. As a teenager, I was able to work alongside my local Veterinarian. From that point, I knew right away, in some capacity, animals would play a large role in my life. My extreme devotion to animals has led me to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle for the last 10 years. I enjoy training dogs, swimming, spending time at the beach, cooking, reading, writing, crocheting and other various crafting. I'm never too busy to share my love and enthusiasm for dogs. I enjoy meeting other people who have also developed a fondness towards caring for and training animals. -Angela Smith

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