What is the difference between a F1 and F1b?

A F1 generation = a Maltese x Poodle.  This is a result of crossing a Maltese with a Toy Poodle.  Same thing applies with Goldendoodles.  A F1 Goldendoodle is the result of a Golden Retriever x  Standard Poodle.  They are a good choice for some people with mild allergies.  Their coats can vary from wavy, to slightly curly to even smooth looking like a Golden Retriever.   

F1b generation = Maltipoo (F1) x poodle.  This is a result of crossing a Maltipoo back to a Toy Poodle.  Same thing also applies here with Goldendoodles.  A F1b Goldendoodle = Goldendoodle (F1) x Standard or Medium Poodle. The puppies from this pairing will be low to non-shedding and are recommended for people with moderate allergies.  Their coats are typically wavy, and slightly curly.


 What is a Flbb?

F1bb generation = Maltipoo (F1b) x poodle.  This is a result of crossing the F1b Maltipoo back to a Toy poodle.  Again, same thing would apply with Goldendoodles.  A F1bb Goldendoodle = Goldendoodle (F1b) x Standard, Medium or Toy Poodle.  These puppies should produce very little shedding and have a tighter curlier coat. 

 What is a Multigen?

A multigen = Two Goldendoodle parents.  Typically a F1b x F1b (one parent must be a F1b) This results in a Golden doodle puppy that is 37.5% Golden Retriever and 62.5% poodle.  They have a high success rate for being low to non-shedding and are a great option for people with moderate to severe allergies.  Their coats can vary in this generation from loose, wavy, to curly. 

Do you offer allergy testing?

Yes!  Having a child with dog allergies is what led us to the designer dog breeds.  We know how very important it is for families to choose the appropriate
pet when they or a family member suffer with allergies.  We will be happy to provide a T-shirt allergy test for an additional fee of $50.  Please email us for more information!  

Should I choose a boy or a girl?

In many cases it is all a matter of personal preference but there are certain things you should consider.  Below I will list the typical characteristics between the two:


1. Quite often independent and come to their owners when they want attention. 

2. The female dog is usually the alpha dog in the pack. 

3. They are territorial and will also mark in the same way male dogs do.  A spayed female may continue to mark her entire lifetime regardless of when she is spayed while most males will cease marking once they have been neutered.

4. Females are generally less affectionate and friendly than male dogs.  It is noticeable in puppies but becomes more evident with age. 

5.  It is also very important to realize that if you do not spay a female she will come into heat around one year of age.  During this time there will be some bleeding and change in behavior. 



1. Usually more affectionate than females and crave more attention.

2. A male dog is more likely to be more outgoing his entire lifespan that a female dog.  Male dogs tend to retain more puppy like qualities.

3. Males are often more food motivated and therefore can make it easier when it comes to things such as training. 

4. Males are more centered around their human companions more so than females who are more independent. 

5. Intact males may also have aggressive behaviors towards other male dogs or exhibit marking behavior. 


** If you are selecting a second dog for your family, it is usually best to select the opposite sex.  Dogs of the same sex are more likely to not get along than dogs of the opposite sex.  You will have less issues with dominance.  However, if you do choose to go with the same sex, you can achieve peacefulness through careful monitoring of their interactions and helping them socialize early on. 


**These are generalizations and not always accurate of every dog and every situation.  Ultimately you need to pick the best dog that fits with your family and lifestyle. 


How much is a deposit?

Deposits are $300 and that reserves the puppy you choose until it is time to take them home.  The deposit goes toward the purchase price and the final amount due is paid when you pick your puppy up.  The deposit is non-refundable if you change your mind.  

How does the waiting list work?

To be on the waiting list, you will need to submit an application first.  Once I have looked over your application I will contact you.  At that time, you will be able to place a secure $300 deposit if you still desire to do so.  The deposit is non-refundable.  If something comes up and you have to change your mind, you do have the option to transfer the deposit to the next available litter. 

Why do I have to submit an application?

The application gives us a glimpse into the prospective home and family each puppy will be going to.  We care about our puppies and their well-being and want to ensure they are going to the very best homes possible. 

What vaccinations will my puppy need?

Your puppy will come with their first set of shots having been administered between 6-8 weeks old.  You will want to discuss your puppy’s shot schedule with your veterinarian.  However, the chart below provides a very useful guideline.

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