Pricing and Policies

Puppy Pricing:

Prices start at $1,500





After receiving several requests to place deposits on upcoming litters, I decided to change my format.  I feel this is the only fair way to do things for prospective pet families as well as what’s in the best interest of finding homes for the puppies.  When you send a deposit on an upcoming litter, I will place your last name on my list and add it to the website. I will also include what gender and color preference you have.  All picks will be made in the order in which the deposit was received.  This allows for total transparency and no one has to guess and wonder. 

A deposit of $300 is required to hold a puppy and/or be placed on the waiting list.  This goes towards the purchase price.  You can pay the remaining balance on or before the date of pickup.  




What will come with your puppy:

Two-year genetic health guarantee


Vet checked

First set of puppy shots

Age-appropriate worming

Medical record

Small supply of puppy food to take home.




Potty/Pee-pad training started

30 days of free pet health insurance that covers anything genetic or accidental (Regular vet exams, shots, wormings are not covered).  It will be your choice to activate the insurance and up to you to continue or cancel coverage. 

Lifetime support.  We are there for you if you have a question about your puppy.  We want you to be successful pet parents!  We also love hearing from our puppy families and have built special bonds with several. You can text/e-mail or give us a phone call anytime.


Visiting your puppy:

Absolutely no visits until the puppies have had their first shots! We do not allow any visitors until the puppies are 6 weeks or older.  This is done for the safety of the puppies as their immune systems are still young and they have not had their first set of shots.  Parvo is a serious concern in young, developing puppies.  The Parvo virus can live in the ground for 10 years.  Which means it can be brought inside on your shoes/clothing and then transferred to the puppies.  We do this because we love our all of our babies including the one that will be yours!  You can always have us text/email you photos and videos and we will be happy to do so!  Read more about why biosecurity matters here. 

**Please note** Due to COVID-19 we will not be allowing any visitors at this time.  Once the Pandemic is over, we will resume visitations after the puppies have had their first shots.

Spay/Neuter Contract:

You will be required to sign a contract.  If you would like to see a copy of the contract prior to placing a deposit, please let me know and I will e-mail you a copy.  The contract will go over basic requirements for you, as the pet owner, and myself as the breeder.  It will include the genetic 1-year guarantee as well. 

Puppies are sold with a strict spay neuter contract.  No exceptions.  There are so many reasons to spay and neuter your pet and it’s an issue very close to my heart.  Having a pet that is not spayed or neutered can increase the chance of them developing pyometra, breast cancer as well as prostate cancer.  A USA Today (May 7, 2013) article cites that pets who live in the states with highest rates of spaying/neutering also live the longest.  Read the report hereWith


When can I expect to take my puppy home?

There is a big debate on when puppies should leave their mom.  I feel there is no magic number as to when a puppy should ideally go home.  With that being said,  some puppies should remain with us for an even extended amount of time.  With breeds such as Maltipoos, it’s important for them to remain with us until they are physically mature enough to be handled.  This can mean your puppy may need to stay until 9-10 weeks of age.  A few days either way between weeks 8-10 will not matter as long as the puppy is physically mature.  Because our puppies are raised inside the home, they are well socialized with people and being handled from day one.  We have a family of 5, so that means someone is always taking turns nurturing puppies!  

What most people don’t realize is gradually moms show less and less interest in being with their puppies as time goes by.  This means they are not learning so much from being with their mother but instead from being socialized with caregivers and their brothers and sisters.  By the same token,  leaving a dog with his litter mates too long can sometimes cause other problems.  It can make a dog more aggressive or fearful and submissive.  This is because dogs in a pack will always have an order and that order can have impacts on your puppy as well. 

**Please note** We reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone at any time during the process if we so choose. 

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