About Maltipoos

As breeders, we feel that the more information that a prospective purchaser can gain before actually getting the puppy, the more aware they will be of the responsibilities of owning a Maltipoo puppy. Please read below on the care, maintenance, and facts about the Maltipoo so you can decide if it’s the right breed choice for you!

Is a Maltipoo the Dog for You?

Maltipoos are a cross between the Maltese and Toy Poodle.  Very fun loving and highly affectionate, they can adapt to a multitude of families and households.  Whether it’s a family with children, or someone single or elderly, the Maltipoo is quite the charmer and bonds well with their owners.  They make great companions for empty nesters and are also excellent therapy dogs. 

They are energetic, fun loving little dogs!  They want nothing more than to be with their owners.  While they are energetic, they are still very much a lap dog.  One of the most interesting things about Maltipoos is, that because of their playfulness, they remain puppylike for most of their entire life!

This breed is highly intelligent therefore, easy to train as they learn quickly!  They make excellent watch dogs alerting you to anything suspicious.  Because of this, they are quite vocal at times with barking and not suitable for people who are noise sensitive. 

If a home has very young children, the interactions between the dog and child should be closely monitored.  The tiny bone structure of Maltipoos can make them susceptible to injury if mishandled.

They require daily brushing to keep their coats clean, smooth and matt free and monthly baths.  Bathing too frequently can lead to dry skin. 

Maltipoo History

Maltipoos were primarily created for allergy sufferers.  Crossing the Maltese with the poodle has decreased the amount of shedding to low, to non-shedding in some dogs. 

Breed Standard

Maltipoos vary in size but are typically between 8-14 inches tall and weigh between 5-20 pounds.  The coat colors can vary depending on the poodle used for breeding.  Many Maltipoos are white like the Maltese.  Others, are cream, apricot, red, black, and party colored. 

Maltipoo Care

  • Brush – Daily brushing helps prevent mats
  • Slicker comb- To detangle small mats
  • Rounded tip scissors – To trim hair away from eyes etc.
  • Baby Shampoo- To gently wash the eye area

Coat Care: Your Maltipoo will need regular coat care and maintenance.  It’s best to invest in a few tools to have on hand at home in between visits to your groomer.  I will list suggestions below:

Safari slicker comb:

Tear Stains: Maltipoos have tear staining that forms under the eyes which is common in poodle breeds.  There are ways to help with that.  Below I will list what has worked for me:

Feeding from a bowl that is not plastic. Use glass, ceramic, metal.

Grain-free dog food.

Nature’s Recipe is what I feed and recommend.

Liver treats 

I use liver treats for not only tear stains but as treats for training as well

Angel Eyes wipes.

These can be used to gently cleanse the under eye daily to help with tear staining.


Exercise:Exercise for any dog is important to maintain proper body weight.  Maltipoos are active and can sometimes be energetic dogs.  A good walk, a game of fetch or some time to scamper about in the yard usually suffices. 

Exercise for any dog is important to maintain proper body weight.  Maltipoos are active and can sometimes be energetic dogs.  A good walk, a game of fetch or some time to scamper about in the yard usually suffices. 


Can Maltipoos cope in the Summer/ Winter?

They need to be protected from the heat, cold and sun.  Maltipoos are susceptible to sunburn so walks in the morning and late evening are best.  Going out during the midday sun should be limited.  Because of their hair, they can also overheat quickly.  During the winter, even though they have a thick coat of hair, sometimes a jacket or sweater may be needed. 

What are they like with Children?

Due to the small bone structure Maltipoos have, they should always be supervised when around small, young children.  If introduced as a puppy, a maltipoo should adapt just well with your kids!

Do they shed a lot?

Maltipoos shed very little if at all. 

What are they like in the House?

Maltipoos should always be kept indoors and never outside in a kennel.  They are small, inside dogs and cannot adapt to the hot nor cold weather outside.  They will typically want to be by your side and quite often follow you from room to room! 

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