Puppy Supply List

Here you will find a list of recommendations of things you may want to have on hand when you bring your puppy home.  They are simply some suggestions from me, so feel free to go over the list so you will have an idea of how to be better prepared for your new puppy!

Puppy Supply Checklist:

  • Paper towels– for accidents
  • Crate– I recommend a double door style with a divider. Goldendoodles need a 36 or 42-inch crate typically.
  • Old blanket or towels– Use this for a while to put inside the crate. That way if they do have accidents you can easily wash it. Later you can transition to a doggy bed.
  • Food Dish
  • Water Bowl
  • Puppy pads– line one half of their crate with a potty pad and the other half with a blanket. This will give the puppy an area within the crate to go potty in case of an accident for a while. Then you can transition to no potty pad and a regular bed for their crate later.
  • Puppy Chow– I use Purina One Healthy Puppy formula. I will supply you with a baggie of food to get you started. If you decide to transition to a different food, you should mix some of their current food into the new. This will help ease stomach upset. I highly recommend if switching puppy food to use one that contains a DHA as it promotes healthy brain and nervous system development.
  • 100% Canned plain pumpkin– Not pumpkin pie filling. Pumpkin contains fiber that helps bulk up their stool. You will always want to keep some on hand in case of diarrhea that can happen with new foods, change of routine, anxiety, travel, etc. Just a tablespoon or two in their food helps!
  • Treats– You will want to use some type of small food treats for them when housetraining and teaching tricks etc.
  • Food Storage Container– Preferably an airtight container to keep food fresh
  • Nature’s Miracle Stain/Odor Neutralizer– Or similar odor remover. You will want to use this to clean up puppy accidents.
  • Poop Scooper
  • Bitter apple spray– Puppies love to chew! You can use the spray on furniture and other items you don’t wish for your puppy to chew. That being said, don’t forget your puppy will begin to lose their baby teeth at some point and it’s completely normal to find them on the floor somewhere!
  • Pin Brush– For regular brushing of your dog to keep them free of mats.
  • Safari Dog de-matting comb– I highly recommend these. Helps painlessly comb mats out.
  • Nail file– Just a plain cardboard nail file with the sandpapery surface. Puppy nails are sharp! Keeping them filed down helps blunt the ends so you and your family don’t get less scratches!
  • Puppy Shampoo
  • Puppy Grooming Spray– Helps keep them smelling fresh in between grooming.
  • Rounded tip scissors– Helps to trim hair around dogs eyes.
  • Baby Gate– You will need to keep your puppy in a confined area so that you can watch them when they are out in the house. The gate will allow you to keep him/her from areas that could also be a potential hazard.
  • Collar– You will be provided with a collar when your puppy goes home. If you want to purchase a personal one to your liking look for the 8-12 inch size. That will last your puppy for quite a while. Remember to keep checking the collar as they grow to make sure it’s not getting to tight. You will need to adjust it periodically.
  • Leash– You will also be provided with a leash. Again, you may wish to purchase your own personal one or have a few as backup.
  • Car harness/seat– that attaches to seat belt in car
  • Pet ID tag for collar– You can pick these up at Petsmart or PetCo etc.
  • Stuffed dog toys with squeakers
  • Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy– Great for reducing anxiety in puppies and has a ton of reviews on Amazon.
  • Kong ball– These are great for teething puppies. You can fill them with peanut butter and freeze to give your puppy some relief and hours of entertainment.
  • Balls– You will be surprised how quickly your pup picks up on fetch!
  • Tug of war rope style toys– Dogs love tug of war